KFE/KHE- Exhibitor FAQs

Is the exhibition a trade or consumer exhibition?

This exhibition is a trade exhibition and we will only be inviting people who work within the industry. Naturally, there are enthusiasts who are also consumers but our marketing focus will be to the trade.

What marketing opportunities do you offer exhibitors?

We offer a number of free marketing opportunities for existing exhibitors or sponsors. Our key priority is to make your investment as valuable as possible. With that in mind, we deliver a strong marketing campaign to attract the highest level of attendees, here are some of the channels we use:

Telemarketing & SMS/ Email Campaigns/ Advertising locally and internationally/ Social Media Marketing/ Strategic Partnerships with key trade associations/ Government Endorsements and many more.

Additionally, all exhibitors receive an entry into the exhibition catalogue with their logo shown, their contact details and a short profile. On the exhibition website, all exhibitors receive an entry on their online listing that showcases the same as the catalogue but with more content available.

I am interested in booking a stand, who should I contact?

We have different offices around the world that can help you book a stand at the exhibition. All our international offices can help offer advice on booking, but the actual booking can only take place through our UK or Kenya office. If you are looking to make the booking through a Kenyan registered company then you would need to deal with our office in Nairobi. If you are looking to make a booking for a company that is not registered in Kenya, then you will need to deal with our International office in London. This is for VAT reasons and the contact details are below:

Whittaker Musangi
Sales Manager
[email protected]
+254 (0) 705 703 342


Are there any international agents that I can speak with in my local country?

Yes, we have many different international representatives that we work with on the exhibition and they can speak with you locally to help you book a stand at the exhibition. To find out if we have a representative in your country, please contact 

[email protected]

Is there funding available for booking as part of an international pavilion?

We do have various international pavilions that do have access to funding from their respective government bodies. This funding varies and depends on the particular government body and pavilion. To find out if you can qualify for one of the pavilions and funding please contact 

[email protected]

What is the process of booking a stand?

Following contact, we will send you all the options of stands that are available and the price list so that you can make your decision about which stand you would like. Once you have chosen a stand, we will send you the booking contract. This is signed by yourselves and then the exhibition Director. Once this is all completed the stand is confirmed as yours. Following this, we will send you an invoice around 5 working days later for the payment. This payment needs to be received by 30 days from the invoice date.

Can I hold a stands location?

We operate on a first come first serve basis giving companies that book first priority in location. We appreciate that companies do sometimes need to go through their internal processes before they can commit to the stand and therefore we are able to hold stands for short periods of around a week.

What different types of stand packages are available?

There are various options that you could take as an exhibitor. More information can be found here.

  • Standard Space Only- The simplest and is essentially a chalk outline on the floor. If this is taken, then you would need to arrange for the stand to be built and all the furniture and electrics to be ordered either through the organisers or externally.
  • Standard Stand Package- This is the most common option. It includes the building of the stand, name board, basic furniture and electrics. Additional items can still be ordered to enhance the stand.
  • Enhanced Stand Package- This option is similar to the standard stand package but with increased exposure. This includes raised 1m name boards, coloured carpet, more and higher spec furniture. 
What are the VAT or tax implications?

VAT is dependent on where your company is registered, which office you are booking through and what you are ordering. The below is in reference to all bookings of stands and space at the exhibition.

  • Kenyan registered company- With you booking through our Kenyan office, the VAT would be charged at the standard VAT rate of 16%
  • UK registered company- With you booking through our UK office, the VAT would be charged at the UK VAT rate of 20%. We would require a UK VAT number to accompany the booking.
  • EU based company but not UK- For this there would be no VAT added to the booking but we would need your registered VAT/Tax number to accompany the booking.
  • Company not in EU, UK or Kenya- For this, there would be no VAT added to the booking.

In regards to any extras booked at the exhibition, including furniture, electrics and branding, this is always ordered through our Kenyan office. All invoices for these orders, no matter where the company is registered, must include Kenyan VAT of 16%.

Can you brand my stand for me?

Yes, we have specific branding packages available that can mean that you essentially arrive at the stand and everything is completed and branded with your artwork. These can be ordered at the time of booking the stand or in advance of the exhibition. These options vary from single shell scheme panels, the name board and cabinets.

Where can I order additional furniture and equipment for my stand?

Once your stand is confirmed, you will be able to order additional furniture, electricity and branding when the online Exhibitor Zone is ready. This will be made available around 3 months before the event. Most furniture is available but if there is anything specific that you might need then please contact us directly. Please contact [email protected]

Is there anything else you can do to make it easier for me to exhibit?

Kenya has pretty much all services available locally which can make exhibiting much easier. If you need anything printed locally such as sales brochures, business cards or banners then we can arrange this for you. The price will vary depending on what is needed but the quality is high.

Do you provide a stand building service?

Whilst we do not provide this service ourselves, we work with an excellent stand building team based locally in Kenya. These can vary from a basic custom shell scheme stands to full customised stands. For a quote, you can email [email protected]

How can I access the exhibitor zone and what does it contain?

The exhibitor zone will be available around 3 months before the exhibition. This is where you can order all the additional furniture items, electrics and branding. This is also where you register for staff badges, VIP badges and access all the information on the exhibition, including the setup and breakdown information.

When can I access to the hall to set up my stand?

Access to the exhibition is available from 2 days before the exhibition. This is when the build of the exhibition starts and so exhibitors will only have access from a day before for stand package stands and two days before for space only stands. Any products that have been shipped or sent to the exhibition can be sent to the exhibition 2 days before the exhibition.

How do I transport my products to Kenya?

We work with Agility Freighting and Logistics, an international shipping company that specialises in exhibition freighting. They have offices all over the world (not just agents) which will enable them to be as efficient as they can be. Since they specialise in exhibition freighting, they can help advise on if products can be imported temporarily thereby saving costs on duties and customs. They are a full-service provider that will collect the products from your offices and deliver them to your stand at the exhibition. They are aware of the time delays that can happen and will time deliver early and store the products in their warehouses to ensure that there are no delays of good to the exhibition. Other shipping companies are possible to work with however Agility Freighting and Logistics is our recommended partner and we feel that they can offer the most reliable service. We strongly advise against using any services like DHL, FedEx and UPS as there are often hidden duties that delay things considerably.

What is the delivery address to the venue?

For all items and machinery being shipped to the venue, please contact whittaker.musangi@montgomerygroup

How do I invite my customers to the event?

There are a number of ways to invite your customers. The event is FREE to attend, so all you need to do is forward an email with the official registration link. This link isn't currently available as registration is not yet live. You will be notified once we go live. 

Within your Exhibitor Welcome Pack, you’ll have links to download free email signature banners, web banners and digital invites to send your customers. If you have any trouble downloading these, please email kenya@montgomerygroup.com.

Can I deliver my items ahead of time?

Yes, if you use our official shipping company, Agility Freighting and Logistics, then they will hold onto your products after they have cleared customs and deliver them to the show once we have access to the hall. Many other shipping companies can do this service as well. Alternatively, if you are shipping a small amount of products then they can be sent to our offices in Nairobi where we can collect them and bring them to the exhibition ourselves. Please note that if you do wish to do this then all fees and duties must be paid and we will not be responsible for outstanding fees or delays. To arrange this, please contact [email protected]

Is there a hotel that you recommend or have good rates with?

Nairobi has a huge amount of hotels. These vary considerably and can cater for all budgets. We understand that there are many costs in exhibiting and that different companies and individuals might have a different preference to a hotel that they choose. Because of this, we have partnered with ParkInn and Movenpick hotels which are walking distance to the venue. For discount codes please contact [email protected]

Can I invite certain customers as VIP’s?

Yes, we will be running in our own VIP campaign whereby we can add in any customers of exhibitors. Within the exhibitor zone, there is a form that can be submitted for VIP invitations to be sent out. These will be sent form us as the organisers but will state clearly that it is you that is inviting them and what stand you are on. VIPs will receive additional benefits from the exhibition such as reserved free parking, preferential seats in the conference and fast-track registration. There is no limit to the number of VIPs that can be invited as long as they are all suitable.

Can I hire a device to capture leads at the exhibition?

Yes, we work with a locally based registration company that can bring along scanners and hire them to you. All visitors will wear badges that contain a barcode and, if hired, can be scanner. All the data from these visitors can then be transferred to you following the exhibition.

Can I access all the data of the visitors that attended the exhibition?

Unfortunately not, due to data protection and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that we are bound to as a UK organisation, we cannot share any data without their prior and direct consent.

What security measures are in place at the exhibition?

At all our exhibitions we take security incredibly seriously. All vehicles are searched at the entrance and all visitors, when accessing the hall, must go through an airport style security check. This involves a metal detection archway and all bags must through an x-ray machine. So far, we have never come across any issues with security but we appreciate that many of our international attendees have an expectation. Additionally, we hire a private security firm to guard the entrances, roam the halls assist should there be any issues.

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