Merican- You need a new Commercial Fridge!

POSTED: 30th Aug

A commercial refrigerator is the core portion of a successful commercial kitchen. Not only does having it result in cost savings, but it also informs how fast you can deliver quality food to your clients. Having the right commercial cooler is vital in guiding how you grow your business and should be a consideration for anyone venturing into the restaurant and catering field.

Average Life of a Commercial Cooler

Did you know the average life of a commercial fridge is often a decade? While this is its average longevity, the life of your commercial freezer is informed by how you use it and sustain its use over time. Higher quality models can often surpass this timeline with good use and proper maintenance. However, many people are unaware of what is required to keep their efficiency over the period.

To contribute to the length of life of the commercial cooler, one should consider how to promote its efficiency. Proper and regular cleaning of the unit ensures the unit’s lifespan can be extended. Furthermore, one should invest time into ensuring that new issues are addressed quickly to ensure the cooler is working effectively.

How do I know I need a new Commercial Cooler?

1. Energy Costs
The common indicator of the need for new equipment changes in energy consumption. At the end of life of a commercial cooler, there is higher energy consumption due to defects in the equipment. Often cold air escapes, resulting in extra pressure in the refrigerator’s compressor leading to the fluctuation in the temperature of the refrigerator.

2. Condensation

A commercial cooler is known to have an issue when the cooling systems do not work as they should. Water leakage or longer times before ice is formed can be an indicator that your commercial cooler is at the end of its lifespan.

One should check for condensation issues as they can also lead to the bacterial occurrence. This would pose a risk to the quality of food offered and lead to cases of food poisoning for anyone using the items.

3. Food spoilage

Once you note food spoilage occurs faster than it often does, then it is a sign for you to get a new cooling system. Processed food and condiments can be a good guide to assess the performance of the commercial cooling equipment due to the existing expiry dates on the items. Aside from this, it is common for foul smells to be noted when the refrigerator or freezer is not functioning appropriately. Therefore, check for some of these signs.

4. Repair Costs

When maintenance costs are high and occur repeatedly, it is a good indicator to acquire new chillers. This along with high costs of energy would make it ineffective to keep your current commercial cooling equipment.


Due to the important role of a chiller in a commercial kitchen, acquiring functional commercial freezers or fridges can promote business effectiveness. Due to their direct role in promoting the taste and freshness of your foods, they can inform the quality and taste of food served to your clients. If in doubt about which system to adopt for your business, reach out to our team to ensure you have all your needs met.

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